Breeze Financial

Web Design Project for Breeze Financial Inc, USA

Breeze Financial

Project Overview:

Avista Digital were approached by Breeze Financial Inc, a dynamic and innovative financial services company to produce them an informative yet approachable website that showcased their branding and values as well of course, what they do! We wanted to create a digital experience that balances Breeze Financial’s dedication to exceptional service with an easy and smooth way for its clients to get things done.



Brand alignment: Make sure the website looks and feels like Breeze Financial. This includes but is not limited to, branding colors and typography.

User Experience: Create an easy-to-navigate interface that will keep the client engaged.

Functionality: Add powerful functionalities to provide a frictionless user experience and delivery of services.

Responsive Design/Fully Responsive Your website should be 100% responsive on all devices and platforms.

SEO Optimization — make the website optimized for search engines to reach more clients

Key Features:

Modern Aesthetic: Clean, professional yet modern aesthetic – convey that Breeze Financial offers a solution for the new age

User-friendly navigation—whether readers are seeking out more information on a particular service, the organization itself, or looking to contact someone directly.

Interactive elements: Engaging interactive elements such as service calculators, live chat support and a client portal.

Real-time editing abilities: The utilization of a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that enables Breeze Financial to make updates easily on its end.

Design and Implement the Decomposition Algorithm:

Discovery and Research:

Researched Breeze Financial’s brand, target audience, and competition. (done)

Consulted at length with multiple stakeholders to grasp the vision and requirements

Wireframing and Prototyping:

— Detailed wireframes and prototypes to define the structure and flow of the website

Completed prototypes presented to Breeze Financial for feedback and sign-off.

Design and Development:

Created a visually appealing design with Breeze Financial’s brand colors, typography, and some colorful images

We build this website with the Latest and Fastest Web-Technologies so that it loads super fast

Testing and Launch:

We’ve tested it quite extensively on different devices and variants of different browsers to see if everything works as expected this was pretty much how we made sure that.

We have been collaborating extensively with Breeze Financial during the launch.


Successfully launched website for Breeze Financial Inc. The customer was highly satisfied and even appreciated the new look from their existing customers also. The new digital impression has given the company a major improvement in being able to more effectively communicate what they do, interact with existing customers and target and secure new business.

Client Testimonial:

“Partnering with Avista Digital has been amazing. Naveed and his team put in the effort to know our requirements, and boldly create a website that reflects our brand. The attention to detail and dedication to excellence has surpassed our expectations. “We would strongly recommend Avista Digital to any company in need of enhancing their online visibility. – [Client’s Name], [Position] at Breeze Financial Inc.

Check it out: Breeze Financial Inc.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • React.js
  • WordPress CMS
  • SSL Encryption
  • SEO Tools and Plugins

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Breeze Financial Inc


January 18, 2022


Web Design and Development